Monday, February 26, 2018

Many Historical Monographs in the History of Medicine and Biology Reflect Interdisciplinary Research

One conclusion that I am drawing as I attempt to document in this bibliography some of the more significant monographs published on the history of medicine and biology during the past few decades is that much of the research is interdisciplinary. For that reason historians who research topics in these fields often come from backgrounds such as social history or political history rather than specifically medicine or biology, or the history of medicine, or the history of biology. The topics these historians write about typically combine social, political and other elements along with the history of medicine and biology. Projects of this type may require research in general research libraries as well as strictly history of medicine and history of biology libraries. With this in mind, I have included links to some of the major digital libraries in general, rather than limiting coverage of digital libraries to more specialized history of medicine and history of biology libraries.

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