Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dealing with Digital Resources in an Expanding Online Version of a Bibliography of Printed Sources

One of the primary challenges facing the conversion of a printed book about other printed documents into an online database was how to deal with other digital libraries, databases, etc. When I began this online database in 2014-2015 I attempted, when possible, and within my time limitations, to link to digital editions, especially of new entries, when they existed. Only by the end of 2016, however, did I see fit to include other online research sources. Initially I called these "Electronic Resources," and placed them in the subject index under Bibliography. As is my process, learning more about references as I collect them, or by rethinking their organization as a subject category grows, I expand the subject index by dividing subjects into sub-categories. "Electronic Resources", as it evolved, contained entries for Digital Libraries, Online Bibliographic Databases, and works about their history and development. Eventually, in February 2018 I created a set of Digital categories in the subject index and reorganized those growing categories of material, hopefully making access to them more meaningful. Here is the link to Digital Libraries.

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