Monday, May 25, 2015

Improving the Reference to Anichkov & Chalatov on Atheroschlerosis

There are many, many ways that the bibliography can be improved.  For example, today Fritz-Dieter Söhn pointed out the misspelling of Anichkov's name, provided the dates for his co-author Chalatov, and improved the annotation for the famous paper of 1913 in which the authors first made the connection between cholesterol and atheroschlerosis. Here is the improved version:

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Ueber experimentelle Cholesterinsteatose und ihre Bedeutung für die Entstehung einiger pathologischer Prozesse.

 Zbl. allg. Path. path. Anat., 24, 1-9 1913.
Anichkov and Chalatov discovered in St. Petersburg, Russia, that atherosclerosis of large arteries is critically dependent on cholesterol. (Translated in Arteriosclerosis, 1983, 3,178-182). The inflammatory nature of atherosclerosis was first observed and suggested by Rudolf Virchow in 1856.

When the authors published this paper it was ignored by the medical establishment. Only since drugs such as Lipitor became available to reduce plaque formation in arteries was Anichkov's and Chalatov's discovery widely accepted. My thanks to Fritz-Dieter for improving this significant entry.

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