Thursday, May 14, 2015

Additions to Alternative Medicine: Homeopathy

When I prepared the fifth edition roughly 25 years ago I was struck by the extreme lack of coverage of "alternative medicine. " At that time I had studied the western references on acupuncture, and added a new section covering significant Western works on that subject.  These still appear to be well chosen selections, though I will continue to add in this subject.

In revisiting the manuscript for the new online version I noticed that there only 3 entries on homeopathy, one of the most popular "alternative medicine" practices, even though the published literature on homeopathy is enormous, especially during the 19th century. To begin to fill in this very significant historical gap I enlisted the help of my friend Bill Kirtsos, who provided 22 new entries on the topic, which I adapted to the style of the bibliography. The homeopathy section is now much improved. Thanks very much Bill.

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