Wednesday, December 28, 2016 Passes the 10,000 Entry Milestone

Yesterday, December 27, 2016, I noticed that the database passed the 10,000 entry milestone. It seemed fitting to make an entry for this database, itself, as entry number 10,000, indexed under the new category of "Electronic Resources." Compared to the limited amount of work that I could do in preparing the 5th printed edition (1991) and my lack of control over that finished book, working on this electronic version is a dream. The website was programmed according to my specifications, and it gives me the chance to make virtually unlimited changes, corrections and modifications according to the irregular way that I fit in working on this project in betwixt and between other things. Besides this, the ability to link to digital facsimiles online not only increases the usefulness of the database but also gives me the opportunity to check entries for accuracy and content. This is resulting in many, many corrections and improvements to older entries in the database. Also, search engines such as Google allow me to identify and distinguish between various works by authors, among many other things. Needless to say, the excitement I find in building and improving this database motivates me to pursue this project.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Renaming the Masthead

It has been about a year and a half since the former printed book version of the annotated bibliography appeared in its interactive form online. According to the automatic tabulation, as of this date (October 6, 2016) 1045 entries have either been significantly revised from the last printed edition or are entirely new. Besides the many significant revisions and additions I have corrected innumerable small mistakes, which still turn up in a work of this size. The bibliography is presently indexed to 628 subjects.

From its beginning by Fielding H. Garrison early in the twentieth century this bibliography included subjects like evolution and biology as well as medicine, and as I have added new material to most of the subject areas I have found myself expanding subjects such as evolution, zoology, and natural history. To draw attention to the biological aspects along with the medical aspects we have renamed the masthead